research skills & storytelling flair

As a former librarian with a Master’s in Fine Arts, I combine resourceful research skills with innate curiosity about the world and a storyteller’s interest in the details that bring a place to life. I am drawn to telling stories of the outdoors, adventure, food, art, and cultural connections. Through travel, I remain curious about the world and engaged with the present moment.

In travel journalism, I am driven by my interests: Adventures, road trips, mountains, oceans and riverways, craft beer, food, artisans and makers, and LGBTQ resilience. I love creating well-researched pieces that use narrative storytelling techniques to bring a destination to life for the audience. My freelancing experience means I turn in clean copy and don’t miss a deadline, while my UX background helps me hone in on the precise details audiences want to know.

I travel independently and love doing the research to pull a big trip together, always looking beyond the basic tourist experience to connect with local people, learn a little bit about their lives, and share my perspective— whether through discussing LGBT life in Cambodia or chatting with Cubans about everyday life in America. Travel has taken me to Europe, Central America, Cuba, Southeast Asia, Israel, Egypt, and through 43 states.

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