Winter Publication Update


It's been a hot minute since I last updated my publications list. I've been focusing less on literary journals and more on magazines and websites that, you know, actually pay writers.

Much as I love literary journals, it doesn't make sense for me to spend 10-20 hours writing and editing a longform piece, then send it to a journal that will let me know in 3-4 months maybe (yesterday I just withdrew a submission that a journal had for one year) if they will publish it for $0.

Don't even get me started on contests, where your $20 admission subsidizes the award given out to one lucky writer.

This was a mindset shift that was a long time coming for me, and not an easy one. Coming up in my MFA program, it was conventional wisdom that you would publish in obscure literary journals, then publish in better journals, then publish a book of short stories, then get your novel out.

That's not the way it works any more.

I write because I love it, but it's also the way I make a living — and it doesn't make a lot of sense to submit content to journals when I could get paid to publish the same thing on a different website.

While I'll still submit to journals, I'll limit it to flash fiction pieces or old stories I'm slowly refining. This is a big issue; there's no easy answer. I guess for me it stopped being fun, in and of itself, to get a byline in a lit mag. The journey stopped being the reward. So new horizons, for now.

You can catch me in:

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