Summer Publication Update

palm trees at sunset

palm trees at sunset

A writer friend suggested the idea of having a set number of pieces out for consideration: Say five or ten or two, whatever your number is. The idea is, you submit to magazines until you reach your magic number, you let them consider your work, and then when a rejection rolls in you send out to keep your number where you want it. It's sort of a low-stress submission strategy, and it's appealing to me now because balancing edits and querying and revision is SO MUCH WORK.

I'm at work on some new essays, so with luck they'll be out for submission soon and you'll be reading them come the next update.

I think I'm into essays these days because it's hard work balancing a cast of novel characters and then plugging into a short story and trying to give other characters your full consideration.

It's also easier to come up for air from revisions and write about an experience I had, say traveling while gay, or offer practical advice—something I do for free but seriously LOVE getting paid for.

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