Summer Publication Update

It's been a hot minute since I did a publication update. The summer was SO BUSY! It involved two puppies, two kayaks, two attempts at refinishing the deck (because "solid stain" is really paint in disguise), and one epic writer's conference that gave me a ton of insights into the writing process, author platforms, and so much more.

Queen Mob's Teahouse put out this flash piece about loss and longing, which is a favorite of mine.

Mortar Magazine included another flash piece about the vegan donut shop in their debut issue.

Razor Literary Magazine published a short piece I wrote when I moved to Oakland (for the first time) as well as a response piece about my inspiration for Flatland and the ways that cooking shaped my writing, specifically in the work seen in Razor, Mortar, and Helen.

Sediments showcased a short piece that represents the version 5.0 of an old short story from college that never really found its finished form, and I still don't think it has, but this is college-meets-backpacker-culture flash hookup.

And VerityLa helped me make sense of a relationship I could never really make sense of, from way back in high school.

On the nonfiction side of things, I shared my Extreme Iceland road trip story in this roundup post on why it's important to purchase travel insurance, talked ethical tourism and Che culture in Cuba for Epicure & Culture, and dove deep into the LGBT wage gap for The Penny Hoarder.


The Writer's Digest Conference in NYC was a super great experience. I prepped ahead of time so I could really get value out of the experience. Now they've just released the audio to attendees and I'm going back over the sessions I wasn't able to get to, but wanted to hear. I'll post my thoughts on the experience once I've caught up. Stay tuned for that, or follow me on Instagram for more dog photos.