Photo Post: Road Trip to Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh has been on my bucket list for a while, and a business conference provided the perfect excuse to bump it right to the top.

We headed down to Pittsburgh three days early so we could explore the city neighborhoods and see some museums before it was all business for my wife and a self-styled writer’s retreat for me. The trip was a slog–eight hours of driving with construction turning the interstate into a one-lane highway what seemed like every half an hour.

Once we got to Pittsburgh, it was easy to hop from museum to museum, with breaks for food or craft beers, and doing so reminded me what I love about visiting cities–anytime access to culture, new points of view, and inspiration.

One of my favorite surprises was how accessible Pittsburgh is for outdoor recreation within city limits. There are rental bike kiosks everywhere (although I caution against the app, as it’s unreliable - I was charged for rides I never took since I couldn’t get the bikes to unlock) along with mixed-use trails by the rivers, which were calm enough that they’d be perfect for a SUP ride or kayak paddle. You don’t have to drive too far outside of Pittsburgh to find some great hikes, but you don’t have to leave the city to live an active lifestyle either.

Here are some of my favorite scenes from a Pittsburgh road trip.

Doolittle Station road trip
coffee and croissant at Bureau Pittsburgh
Phipps Conservatory Pittsburgh
Phipps Conservatory butterfly garden
Phipps Conservatory cactus collection
Mexican War Streets Pittsburgh
Mattress Factory Pittsburgh
Mattress Factory Pittsburgh
Milkshake Factory
Fallingwater Tour

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