New Publication in Matador Network: "6 Things I Stopped Giving a Sh*t About When I Moved to the Country"

My essay 6 Things I Stopped Giving a Sh*t About When I Moved to the Country was just published in Matador Network! The essay explores some of the reasons I moved from a major city to a tiny town in upstate New York, how my quality of life changed once I moved, and what side benefits I've been able to realize from moving to the country.

Country farmhouse

Country farmhouse

This is the third time I've pitched an essay to Matador Network, and the first time they have accepted a piece. It's not quite the usual Matador piece, but I think it worked for them because it was personal, a new take on one of their categories, and interested with travel.

The submission process to the travel writing platform can be a bit mysterious for writers. You upload a piece, then they'll publish it if they like it within a set time frame. If they don't like it, you won't hear back with a rejection.

Maybe that's better for some writers, but for me it makes me more likely to forget that I've sent the piece out. Unless you keep track of what you're sending out (which you should always be doing) you could end up sitting on it, rather than sending it out to another market once Matador has passed.

In my case, I didn't know that they published the essay until two weeks later, because they never actually informed me that it was accepted. (How'd I figure it out? I got paid... so there you go) So I'm a tad late on the promotion, but I'm very excited to have my work in Matador Network all the same!