New Publication in Dust Jacket Short Story Journal

While cleaning out my computer last year, I found some gems: Unpublished (and unpolished) short stories from my MFA program. After finishing my novel draft and feeling totally drained, editing the stories was the perfect way to tap back into creative writing without feeling the pressure of sustaining a story for hundreds of pages. I'm excited to announce one of those stories, Asking for Trouble, is now available in Dust Jacket Short Story Journal.

While workshopping the revised story, I received a great compliment from a critique partner who said it felt very true to life and wanted to know if it was nonfiction. While the story was pure fiction, the setting and circumstance reflected my grad school days. I lived for a while in Jamaica Plain, a weird mix of queers, people of color, and young families. My world in JP was very small. I lived with friends and had other friends down the block. We partied up the block (at the Milky Way, before it moved). Everything we wanted or needed was blocks away. Everyone lived here, so we didn't need anywhere or anyone else. Our world felt close and nurturing, a real community -- but it took a crisis to reveal how dangerous it is to build shallow roots.

I spent the fourth of July on my friend's roof deck watching fireworks break over the downtown skyline with a crush on someone I knew it was dangerous to like, and that is the true thing about that story.

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