Finding The Perfect Writing Desk | Writer's Shed Update

Last year, I fell in love with a writing desk in an antique store. It was an arts and crafts style desk - real hard wood. The front had a single drawer, and both sides of the desk had three open shelves. The wood practically glowed. It had obviously been refinished with a great deal of love. And... at a smidge over $300, it was a steal.

I wanted that desk. Oh, how I wanted it. But... at that point, the writing shed was a mess. I'm talking black walnut hulls stashed in every spare corner. Windows permanently cracked an inch down. Spider webs and spider eggs and spiders.

No way could that beautiful desk sit in the neglected shed.

So I let it go into the world.

When I was ready, I would find another desk.

Only when things stick in your mind like that, it's not so easy to find another desk. Suddenly no other desk is as perfect as the one you found and didn't buy.

I browsed Pinterest and shopped antique stores and checked the local ReStore and looked on Amazon and eBay. While there were writing desks that were perfectly serviceable, I wanted to find something I connected with. Something I wanted to sit and write at. And, sure, cheesy as it sounds, something inspirational. 

In the meantime. I replaced the shed windows and spent hours scouring every inch of the walls and ceilings with a shop vac. I ordered insulation samples and installed lighting.

Then after putting so much hard work into the shed, the desk I loved came back to me!

I love it when the universe delivers. The perfect desk 2.0 was also arts and crafts style, but slightly different. This one had a few nicks and scratches in the finish. It needed a little love. But there it was, tucked in a back room of a local antique store - a room I almost didn't enter because someone was rewiring the lighting. I couldn't buy it then and there, but I did negotiate a 20 percent discount on the desk and leave with a phone number to call.

Doing a little price checking on eBay, I found out this style of desk was an old library carrel. This made me love it even more, thinking about its connection to the history of readers, writers, and dreamers using their local library for inspiration and knowledge.

My writer's shed might not be perfect. But I'm not letting the desk go a second time.

Next steps in the writer's shed: Still selecting insulation and having a mason check out the hearth.

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